Now that the census is coming up, apportionment will be fought over again and again. There is a simple, mathematical solution to apportionment, which would eliminate battles over apportionment forever.  A percentage is picked.  I think 2% is reasonable, but that can be argued over and agreed upon.  Then every state is apportioned by the following rules.

1.  The largest district cannot be more than 2% larger than the smallest district.

2.  The winning apportionment is the one with the shortest total length in boundaries that satisfies condition #1.

3.  Anyone may submit an apportionment.

This would mean that parties could not apportion the state to lump all their opponents into one district to help preserve their majority. Districts would be as compact as possible.  This takes the politics out of apportionment, which is why it will never, never pass.


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