When stupidity cancels stupidity

Sometimes I get lucky.

I am old enough to retire and I worry about my memory.  I even asked my doctor about it, and was given a test for Alzheimer’s disease.  I passed with 30 out of 30, but that does not make me feel my memory is the same as it was 40 years ago.

I drive a cheap car that has manual door locks.  Every once and a while I check every lock, but I didn’t do it after having my oil changed.  So I drove around for three days with my back doors unlocked.  Then I locked my keys in the car when I was clearing the ice off the windshield.  Thanks to my previous stupidity, I was able to get into the car without difficulty.

In a fair universe if  my car was not stolen, I would have the embarrassment of returning to our apartment, ringing the doorbell and having my husband let me in so I could get a spare key.  Instead I spent an extra minute getting to work.

Life is unfair, but sometimes I am the beneficiary of that.



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