Student Request

I teach at a community college and students sometimes miss tests. Years ago I painstakingly wrote makeup tests every time.  I don’t anymore, partly because so often when students miss tests they end up dropping.  I substitute the final exam grade for a low test grade, but only if they have turned in 80% of their homework.  (The homework doesn’t have to be right, just done.)

A few hours before an exam was scheduled on Thursday, I received an email from a student saying he was sick and couldn’t take the test at 12:30.  He thought he might be well later that afternoon, could he take the test then?  I said, yes, but I’ll extend it to Friday.  This is in violation of my policy, but sometimes I try to be nice.  He came in late on Friday and only had about half an hour to take the test.  He had not checked that the Assessment Center closes early on Friday.

Now he wants additional time on the test.  Let me see, he saw the whole test, left, and now wants to work on it more.  I have no real choice but to say no.  I’m sure every student in my class would like to have the opportunity to look at a test, go home and study, and then take the test.

Now instead of having a happy student, because of my leniency, I have an unhappy student who will probably do badly because he is angry at me.


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