Buy American?

The insurance company has not weighed in yet, but we’ve decided to get a new car.  We have to ask ourselves the question, should we make an effort to buy American?

Normally I don’t consider this issue. I buy what is best for me without regards to the country of origin.  I am a believer in free markets, and that is the appropriate free market decision. Yet there are other considerations, for example:

1. Green. Should I consider whether something is good for the environment?  This applies to both the product itself and to how it is made. I consider this when I buy light bulbs.

2. Morality. Should I consider things like child labor and oppressive regimes? Years ago Nike got hit on this one.

3. Local economics.  Should I consider whether it gives jobs to jurisdictions I care about?

Our requirements are not high and our purses are sufficiently deep that we have some choice.  We are asking ourselves if this should be a consideration.


2 Responses to “Buy American?”

  1. jonolan Says:

    What is “American?”

    If you buy Chrysler or GM you’re supporting both Obama’s quasi-nationalization of a major sector of the US industrial economy and the multi-billion dollar corporation known as the UAW. You may also, in the case of a Saturn, by supporting the factories / sweatshops in Mexico.

    If you buy Ford, you’re just supporting he multi-billion dollar corporation known as the UAW.

    If you buy Toyota or Nissan, you’re buying a car that may or may not have been built in America, but definitely wasn’t built buy unionists or the government.

    The “green”question is largely up to your own credulity or sophistry.

  2. DreadPirateRoberts Says:

    I buy what I want. Perhaps I am a lout, but I rarely consider what Al Gore thinks about my purchase. If it is good for me, I buy it.
    No, I don’t but a truck if I don’t need it. But if I did, I would buy one without nary a thought.

    It is hard to wonder about Manufacturers any more, because many of them build their vehicles all over the world. Toyota has plants in America. At the same time, GM and Chrysler are being so horribly run (because they cannot get out of entitlements to workers) that their companies are in ruin. To make matters worse, the Govt runs them now.

    In the end, it is all about the feeling you get when you drive your car. Does it make you happy? Does it fit your family? Is it efficient enough for your budget?

    Just weight the choices and then choose. And don’t have any worries therafter.

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