Why did I have to know?

Six hours after the accident I did my usual exercise of stepping up and down on a four-inch platform for half an hour.  About 20 hours after the accident I went to the gym and did a modified strength training workout. It wasn’t until two days after the accident that I considered I might have a broken rib. People said I should go to the doctor.

I went to the doctor and I am sorry I did. I don’t have the results of the x-rays yet, but I know I have a broken rib. He poked and prodded. When I reacted in pain he kept at it. After getting an x-ray down the hall, I seriously considered leaving my car and calling a cab. I tried to exercise that evening, but couldn’t. This might not seem impressive, but if my calculations are correct, it I have gone about 1,495 days without missing exercising. (That is over four years.) I don’t know when I will get back to strength training. I doubt I will be able to write on the whiteboards at work. (I’ll write on transparencies and project them.)

I am in more pain on Tylenol than I was without it. Why did I have to know?


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