Students who don’t care

I gave a test Monday. One student came 25 minutes late without a calculator. Do you want to guess how he did?  So many students want to get good jobs based on their education, but they not only don’t learn the material, they don’t learn good study habits or responsibility.

I have a couple of students in this class that are mildly disruptive. This is not very common for college, because problem students usually don’t show up. These students are doing everything they can to show that I have no power over them. They come late and leave early. They don’t do problems when they are supposed to.  One sleeps or pretends to sleep in class. Although I understand the need to flaunt authority, I wonder what they think they are accomplishing. I’ll give them the grade they earn, and probably never see them again.

I suspect they are not paying for their own education, because if they were, they would value it more.


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