Writing with my mother

Meg Baxter at 85

I wrote The Enhancer with my mother. There are many ways for two people to write a book together, but it started with me writing a 150 page story. She rewrote it and doubled the length.

The book is partly about a mother/daughter relationship and my mother is responsible for the mother character in the book. I wrote her as a plot device, and my mother made her a fascinating woman. She added many details and one important character: Rephna.

My mother sent me a chapter about once every two weeks. I would read it and call her. Sometimes I just mentioned minor corrections. At other times I would tell her she wasn’t getting the point. But she understood the point after we talked and would rewrite it until we were both satisfied.

We had many discussions about the story. Where should it start was one problem we had. We had at least three starting places and ended up taking the middle one. Sometimes my mother would ask if it was OK to do this or that, but other times she would announce that she was making a change. When she did that, she was right and I was wrong.

I am glad to say that this mother/daughter relationship was stronger after we wrote The Enhancer.


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