McCullough’s Law and Terrorism

Years ago we owned a townhouse we rented out. Our first three tenants had a trait that I felt made them likely to be better renters: they all had been landlords. But I am sure there are some people who have been landlords that make terrible renters. This relates to a “law”I invented:

No matter how carefully the members of a group are selected, at least 2% of them are crazy.

Lately there has been news of a blond woman who is a terrorist. She doesn’t look like one, which makes it more frightening. Considering the number of people who don’t fit the image of being a terrorist, it is not really surprising that some of them are actually successfully recruited.

None of this means they shouldn’t profile, but they shouldn’t only profile. Obviously there are going to be more terrorists found if efforts are concentrated on young, Muslim men. But no group should be exempt from random screening. If there is a group that is never searched, the terrorists will concentrate their efforts on recruiting that group. Much as I would like to assume there was some trait that made people immune to the particular kind of characteristics that make one a terrorist there probably isn’t such a trait.


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