How did this stuff ever get done before?

Actually, my husband said, “Don’t answer this, but how did this stuff ever get done before?”

He was referring to the paperwork involved in the accident we had two weeks ago. The paperwork was relatively mild compared to the time when one of my children spent six weeks in a hospital and we had two different insurance companies. But I was a stay-at-home mom and did that kind of thing.

My husband is now 98% retired and I am still working. I still do the majority of household tasks, but with only two of us (and a maid service) they aren’t excessive. I love having him available for the plumber, but feel no guilt about him being stuck at home for it. I still don’t understand how people do these tasks when all adults are employed and there are children to care for.

The tasks are simpler. The plumber will make an appointment with a few hours’ window rather than the whole day. Many chores can be done online. Yet there are some things that must be done and it is nice having someone home to do it.


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