The floggings will continue until morale improves.

When I first heard that I considered entirely a joke.

I am visiting my mother who lives in a retirement community. The workers in the community are friendly and helpful, and my mother loves living here. We were talking to the administrator of the community about the possibility of my mother moving to a portion of the community that gives more care. When my mother complimented the administrator on the quality of the workers, the administrator made it clear that being friendly and helpful was part of the job.

Workers are fired that do not live up to the standards of facility. Some workers apparently try to say, “I’ll do that if you pay me more.” That might work if it were hard to find workers, but it doesn’t work with the current unemployment rate of this county at 11%.

It is an interesting commentary that sometimes it is necessary for an administrator to be harsh in order for workers to be nice.



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