Spring Break

I used to dislike vacations, because I had more fun when I was working than when I wasn’t. Although I still love teaching, I now realize I need the rest. I have told people I would retire when I had two bad semesters, but I can see it coming. Two years ago I thought I would teach for many more years, but either my body is getting tired or I am starting to get tired of teaching.

Spring break puts students behind. I am writing this the Sunday before we return. There is online homework due Monday at midnight, and very few students have done it. I could have made it due before spring break, but I was “nice” to them and extended the deadline. In one class only four students have completed that homework.

It is hard to do homework two weeks after seeing the material in class. Instead of having an easy assignment, where they review the notes they took that week, they will have to teach themselves something they have totally forgotten.

Still, I needed the break and perhaps they did too.


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