One sided exercise

It’s been 25 days since I cracked a rib, and I am healing. Certain motions still hurt. I’ve been doing strength training at the gym but if it hurts I don’t do it. This means my abdominal exercises are on very light weights and many things with my right arm are not done at all. I am right handed, but now my left arm is much stronger. Someday I hope to bring my right arm back to full strength, but not yet.

A few of my students sometimes have difficulty with part of their work. It doesn’t hurt them, like the exercises hurt me, but sometimes they cannot do certain problems. They tend to stop and say they are stuck. It doesn’t seem to occur to them to do what they can. Because they cannot solve one kind of problem, they stop working. While waiting to get help, they should do as much as they can. My muscles may atrophy, but they will come back faster because I am doing what I can. They should do the same for their minds.



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