John Paul Stevens is retiring

My mother went to high school with him and called him Johnny. According to her, all the girls liked to dance with him, even though he was short.  He  was class president and knew how to fit in, even though he was wealthier than most of his classmates.

It is hard to imagine the life of someone born in 1920. The teenage years were shaped by the depression and young adult years by World War II.  It was before penicillin and civil rights. It was not only before the Internet, it was before Interstate highways. My mother  thought that people should know how to ride horses because it was a means of transportation.

Most people don’t live up to the promise of future success to as spectacularly as Justice Stevens did.  But Stevens not only succeeded, he adapted to a changing world.  Yet at 90, he certainly can justify stepping down.  I doubt he remembers my mother, but but she remembers him fondly.  She will be interested in today’s news.



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