Important Tax Information

It is on the envelope of many pieces of mail in early February. This is part of the system and I don’t object to it. Taxes are inevitable, and Americans are not overtaxed. I object when these envelopes come in March or even April.

My son mentioned that he received one tax form two and a half weeks before the taxes are due. It was something to do with daycare. We have investments and have received corrected statements as late as April 1.

Judging by the number of times we have received corrected forms late, there is no meaningful penalty for companies being late. How hard can it be? The information is in the computer and the computer can be programmed to spit it out automatically.

We even changed our investments due to the April 1 corrected statement. We pay an accountant to do our taxes and the additional cost of re filing made switching worthwhile.

I don’t want to see any more envelopes in April saying “Important Tax Information.” Is there unimportant tax information?


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