Writing a blog

This has to be one of the most common topics ever. I’ve been writing this blog for two and a half months and I did not know what I was going to say or if I could keep it up. It’s been fun but I keep wondering if anyone reads it. April had 175 visitors, but I wonder if more than a few  actually read anything.

I am deliberately writing this with my real name so that I am not tempted to say anything that will come back to haunt me. This may make my blog less interesting, but people often get in trouble when they assume their communications are private. Now with ubiquitous cell phones cameras, it is not just communications that run the risk of being publicized. I am old enough to accept the fact that there will be unflattering pictures of me. I sometimes say or do stupid things that could be recorded. I don’t need to add writing a blog to the list of potential embarrassment.

In spite of the commonsense restriction that I gave to myself, I’ve enjoyed writing this blog. It would be nice if some people enjoyed reading it, but I can make the optimistic assumption that some of these 175 visitors actually read it, and even are repeat visitors.


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