Teaser for a book I may never finish writing

You’ve been warned. You may never find out what is going on.

The message came in a language John could not name.  At least he didn’t know the name in English.  He could visualize words in an alphabet that he could not identify.  The speaker had a strong accent, but was understandable,

“Zhongrim,” it started.  John knew that Zhongrim was a name.  “They said you have amnesia.  You will find you have acted in a way that is not natural to you.  You will wonder why.   Just remember that you made the decision to act the way you did based on more complete information than you have now.”

This is at the end of chapter 1. I have a complete explanation for the above teaser, and about 20,000 words written. I know how the novel is going to end and about half of what is going to happen. Unfortunately, that is not enough.

I hope to go back to writing the story once the semester is over.



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