This is really fantasy

The fantasy forum at Amazon is heavily populated by self published authors, called indies. There is a thread where the indies are asked what director would they like for a movie made from their work.

Talk about fantasy. . .

I like and write fantasy, but I find this thread bothers me. Analyzing my reaction I realized I was concerned that these authors think it might actually happen.

J.K. Rowling had immense control over the movie versions of her books, but she is definitely the exception. Many successful authors lose control when they sell their books to movies. Even as savvy a person as Joss Wheden had the 1992 movie of Buffy the Vampire Slayer slip out of his control.

When an author sells his book to the movie he does not get to pick the director, he does not get to pick the actors, he does not even get to pick the plot. In one instance an author said about the movie version of his work, “I think I can see some elements of the book in there.”

The Princess Bride was a novel before it was a movie, and the movie caught the spirit of the novel beautifully. It is no accident that William Goldman wrote both and had considerable control of the movie.

Yet fantasy writers understand fantasy. It doesn’t hurt for them to dream.



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