What do I need on the final exam to pass the course?

The information of how much the final counts is in the syllabus. You also need to know your grade before you take the final. I gave that information when I handed back the last test.  Attendance is often low that day, which is understandable, because who wants to see those pesky answer keys? I stopped making enough for every student because so many don’t seem to want them.

I suppose you could have figured out your grade yourself from the information in the syllabus, but that involves doing percents, and who remembers the math that was two or three courses ago?

Yes, you can get a C for the course, but you’ll need an 88 on the final exam. Does knowing you need an 88 help you? If you thought you needed an 89, would you study harder? You haven’t gotten a grade that high all semester, why do you think you can get it now?

I have a few students who can get A’s with a final exam in the sixties. Strange as it may seem, even though they don’t even need a C on the final, most of them will get high A’s. Some of them are studying hard, because they want a high A on the final. I told one of them that he needed a 68 to get an A, and he got 97 on the final. What a waste!


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