Not to their tastes

I was visiting my sister once and was asked by my father how the visit was going. I said, “Great, except she has nothing to read in her house.” My father asked me what she had to read and when I told him, he agreed: she had nothing to read. When my mother received this information, she decided my sister had plenty to read.

My husband and I read some of the same books, but he doesn’t like fantasy or romance and has never read The Enhancer, which I wrote with my mother. That’s fair, because my brother, sister, and one of my children never read it.

My children and I like some of the same books and some of the same television. One of my sons introduced me to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and another introduced me to Bujold. Bujold is one of a handful of authors whose books I will buy in hardcover and Buffy is perhaps my all time favorite TV series.

Several of my friends and colleagues have bought and read The Enhancer. I dislike them giving me royalties and am happy to lend them the book, but I realize not everyone who likes me will like our book. It may simply not be to their tastes.



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