We no longer subsidize education by inequality

When I went to college, women were largely there to get a MRS degree. They were expected to become Mrs. Right and never use their education to earn a living. Impractical degrees were respected.

Women who were educated and worked had three choices: they could be a secretary, a nurse, or a teacher. Rebels had more choices, of course, but they fought against an established tradition that kept women from well paying jobs. I have a great deal of respect for the rebels who blazed the trails for the women who followed them into the workforce, but most women accepted society’s dictates.

This created a pool of bright, educated women who worked in underpaid jobs. The modern woman has numerous other choices. She can be an executive, doctor, lawyer, or take one of a myriad of other jobs that were formerly mostly for men.

This leaves education to the dedicated and to those who want a secure job with good benefits that fits nicely into the school calendar. Aside from a few odd professional days, they can be off when their children are off.

There are many problems with education today, and I don’t think the teachers are to blame, but we no longer subsidize education by refusing to pay women fairly in other jobs.


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