It doesn’t save money; it changes who pays.

Educational institutions are trying to save money. We’ve been told to cut back on copying. We will post copies on the web and students will print out worksheets.

If the students do this at home, they pay. If they do it at the college, the college pays. This may save our department money, but it doesn’t save the college money. What is worse, the printing is done inefficiently, a copy at a time. Using the correct technology, it is cheaper to make 28 copies at once than 28 copies, one at a time.

I will solve the problem by having copies made elsewhere. I can pay for it, so my students will not suffer. I strongly believe in worksheets for mathematics, and I have posted some at this website. I have a relative who bought a box of paper for his third grade class.

The difference between us and a third world country is that in the U.S. some teachers can afford to buy the supplies the school doesn’t have.


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