Classification by religion, Part II

When my mother and I wrote The Enhancer we put in two religions. I’ve lived all of my life in communities that are religiously mixed. In The Enhancer the religions overlapped in the lives of most people. This is not unheard of in our society. As a child our Jewish next door neighbors celebrated a secular Christmas with a “Chanukah bush.” They realized Christmas was fun, an appropriated the fun parts of the holiday.

A stranger who saw the tree might assume they were Christians. Many Japanese people celebrate Christmas who are not Christians.

How religious does a person have to be to be classified as belonging to a religion? A Jewish grandparent could get you killed in Hitler’s Germany. Does celebrating Christmas make you Christian? Does having a Jewish last name make you Jewish? Does eating Kosher hot dogs make you Jewish? Does a scarf on the head make a woman Muslim, or is she trying to keep her head warm?

We should not care.



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