Why Pride and Prejudice? Skip this if you are not a Jane Austen fan.

Published fan fiction for Jane Austen’s novels fall roughly into three categories:

  1. Sequels
  2. Different viewpoints, usually the hero, rather than the heroine
  3. Alternate versions. What if something minor happened that was different. How would the story change?

The vast majority of these are about Pride and Prejudice, not the other novels. For the sequels, this is completely understandable. Elizabeth and Darcy are one of the most romantic couples in literature, but they are very different people. Elizabeth would have trouble adjusting to being the Mistress of Pemberly, and although Darcy loved Elizabeth deeply, he would find her relatives a trial. Yet Darcy was incredibly generous in his saving of Elizabeth’s sister, and this kind of generosity would help make their marriage a happy one.

Rarely do we see sequels about the main characters of Mansfield Park. They probably led a boring life. Many people would like to see an alternate ending to Mansfield Park. What if Henry Crawford did not elope with Maria?  Edmund and Mary might marry, which Jane Austen implies would lead to a marriage between Fanny and Henry. Like Marianne from Sense and Sensibility, Fanny would not love by halves. Henry might be led to goodness and virtue by Fanny or he might have affairs that would break her heart. She was too acute an observer to be blind to his affairs.

Her ill health would be a burden to both of them. Henry might cherish her for it, but he might get disgusted. It could lead to an interesting alternate version. I won’t write it myself, but I might read it if someone else does.


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