My last three ophthalmologists told me I had macular degeneration. In one case, she expressed mild annoyance that I hadn’t told her before, because I must have known. Because I was symptom free, I deliberately did not tell her, hoping she would not find it.

Recently, a retina specialist told me that I do not have macular degeneration. I am highly disposed to have it, but it hasn’t actually started yet. He had a some new kind of imaging machine in his office that is the latest and greatest, and it cleared me.

I don’t know how important it is to be either in or out of the category. I take the recommended vitamins and protect my eyes from sunlight.

Perhaps it is a question of changing definitions. Previously it might have been what they saw in the eye, but now it is what the OCT machine sees. The diagnosis might matter to my health insurance, but it doesn’t matter to my life.



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