An irresponsible dog owner

An article in the Washington Post described an encounter between a dog and a child. The dog jumped on the child, the father picked up the child and yelled to the dog owner, “Get him off! Get him off!”  The owner said “that she wished parents would keep their children inside the park’s fenced-in play area.”

Dogs do not have the right to jump on random people. My husband is not too steady on his feet, and a dog would probably knock him down. Some people are allergic and some people simply don’t want dog’s feet on their clothing. There is a leash law for dogs, and there is no similar confinement law for children. I assume the dog was off leash, because not pulling the dog away at that point, would have been malicious.

The dog owner is an irresponsible idiot. Irresponsible owners are responsible for tighter restrictions on dogs, and this owner justifies these restrictions. I enjoy seeing people walk their dogs and like seeing dogs in the city, but owners like this one may make the restrictions greater.



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