Should you be right or polite?

My daughter-in-law was brought up in a home where children were not allowed to disagree with their parents. She was shocked when she found she married into a family where everyone disagreed with everyone else. I am sitting in my son’s house now, and there are three people who have laptops and two with iPod touches. Sometimes we talk, but whenever anyone makes a factual statement, there is bound to be someone who uses Google or Wikipedia to check the facts.

When computers or connections are not immediately available, emails are sent after the conversation confirming or contradicting a statement made in the conversation.

I tell my students if they don’t spot the mistakes I inevitably make that I believe they are not paying attention. In other words, I will be annoyed if they don’t correct me. In my family, people don’t get mad when they are corrected. It is part of normal conversation.



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