Clear sidewalks

Sometimes I walk in places where bushes intrude on the sidewalk. I could duck or move over, but I resent doing so. Sidewalks are for people, not bushes. Sometimes I bend branches to clear the path, but that is not enough to keep the sidewalks clear. My husband took a “walk” in  his wheelchair this morning and twice asked people to move things out of his way on the sidewalk.  Both cases were left by people doing yard work, who were still out working. They promptly cleared the way.

If the sidewalk is not clear, I do not hesitate to use the adjacent grass. If I wear a path in the grass, that is justified by the lack of maintenance of the sidewalk. I will use the grass rather than step over toys or in puddles. I live near a restaurant where tables are placed on the sidewalk and only a narrow path is left for pedestrians. Two people cannot walk side-by-side in the path and when people meet from opposite directions, one has to go in the street. I don’t think sidewalks are for restaurants anymore than they are for bushes, but obviously my opinion is not shared.


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