TANSTAAFL; There’s no free energy either.

TANSTAAFL is “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.” We don’t get free energy either.

I could go through a checklist of possible energy sources and list disadvantages of each of them, but if we had a better source of energy than oil, we would be using it. We are going to have oil spills, because we need the energy. Should we cut our consumption? Of course. But that is not an easy path.

I moved close to where I work, but that is only an option for me because I can afford it. The move was made to save my energy, not the country’s energy. I drive an inexpensive car, which only gets bad mileage because there are seven traffic lights on the two mile trip I take to work.

If energy conservation is not done voluntarily, it will eventually be forced on us or our descendants. But I look at the number of SUV’s on the road and the big screen TV’s being advertised and I don’t think energy savings are going to be easy or voluntarily.



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