Point of view

I like to read books told in the first person. My second choice is books told from one specific character’s viewpoint. My third choice is where the viewpoint shifts are clearly telling the story about the main character. I am writing a book that I can’t do any of these things, and it annoys me. I am getting interested in the lives of my minor characters. I want to write about what they are doing, because the hero’s actions are not the only things that are going on. Sometimes I can cover it with dialog, but it is more interesting to see what is happening than to have one character tell another what happened. Besides, they may not tell my hero what happened. People don’t always tell everything.

I want to write a book that I would like to read, but right now that is not happening. On the other hand, I may be the only one who reads it, so perhaps I should write it so I will like it.



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