My fault or theirs?

My husband and I flew back from Denver recently. We checked our bags and they put two tags on his wheelchair. They gave us claim checks for the luggage and wheelchair, and each of us received a piece of paper.  His was a boarding pass and mine was not, but neither of us noticed it.

I stopped at a restroom on the way to the gate, and when I arrived, my husband had checked in. I waved my piece of paper and asked if I needed to do anything more. He did not look at the piece of paper, but said no. Eventually we found they were overbooked and they had to bribe another passenger to get me on the plane.

I thought they were being nice to us because my husband is handicapped, but I realize now that our luggage was checked. In this post 9/11 world, I don’t think they were willing to let our luggage fly without us.

Was it my fault for not looking at the piece of paper that got me through security? Of course it was. It was also the fault of the man at the gate and possibly the woman who did not give both of us boarding passes. I hope the woman who took a later flight and received a $200 credit is happy. I also hope Southwest Airlines takes a closer look at their procedure.



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