Maryland Wiretap Law

The police in Maryland are selectively enforcing the wiretap law. They are apparently only enforcing it when it shows Maryland State Police in a bad light. A motorcyclist recorded a policeman giving him a speeding ticket and put it on YouTube. The police came and confiscated his computers and threatened him with a jail term.

I watched a YouTube video of something taking place in Maryland and several people were heard speaking. The police are not going after the poster of this video. Perhaps since the people were outside in a crowd they did not have the expectation of privacy, but I suspect there are hundreds of videos of this nature.

My husband received a phone call asking him to vote his stock. After identifying himself the conversation went something like this:

Caller: This conversation is being recorded.

My husband: It is illegal to record a conversation in Maryland without consent.

Caller: Of course you will give your consent.

My husband: No.

The caller went on to ask for a proxy vote. There must be thousands of such calls in Maryland every year. The police are ignoring them. Apparently the police only believe in enforcing the law when it keeps them from being embarrassed. That is an embarrassment.



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