Don’t give blood, if you are 90

My 90 year old mother gave blood. Almost immediately after standing up, she collapsed on a nearby couch and was taken away in an ambulance. I am writing this 36 hours later and she is still in the hospital.

Was there an underlying condition that caused her collapse? Possibly, but they haven’t found it yet. I looked at two websites about blood donation and only one had a maximum age of 60. The other gave a minimum age of 17, but no maximum age. It is likely that a typical 16 year old is a better candidate for giving blood than a typical 90 year old.

The blood drive was given at a retirement community. I suspect that a relatively high percent of elderly donate blood. My mother sometimes feels a bit guilty that she is no longer contributing to society, and giving blood is a way of contributing. On the other hand, healthy 60 year olds usually don’t live in retirement communities.

They were speculating that her condition might be caused by dehydration and anemia. There is a simple solution for that: give her back her blood.


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One Response to “Don’t give blood, if you are 90”

  1. Donald Mills Says:

    That’s astonishing. I can’t imagine any thinking it would be a good idea to take blood from a 90-year old woman. Good on her for wanting to help but, honestly, she’s likely done more than her share. I hope she’s back on her pegs soon.

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