Don’t give blood if you are 90. Part 2

My 90 year old mother collapsed and spent two nights in the hospital after giving blood. I called LifeSouth to suggest it was a bad idea to accept donors that are 90. They disagreed. They could not put a maximum age on blood donors because AARP will get mad at them.

They asked what I wanted, and I told them that I wanted to make sure that it will never happen again. Their reaction was to put some kind of flag on my mother’s name so she will be refused if she ever tries to donate blood again. There is no danger of that. Her memory isn’t what it once was, but she will remember this. I was not talking about it not happening again to my mother, but to anyone over 90.

I was  told  they will review their procedures. Sure. They might even spend five minutes doing so, but I’m sure they will continue to hold blood drives in the parking lots of retirement centers because they get more blood that way.


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