Religious Argument

My husband defines a religious argument as an argument that generates a lot of heat, but never changes anyone’s mind. I recently had a discussion on an Amazon forum about arguing with people who will never be persuaded by logic. The other poster said she put forth the arguments hoping the lurkers would realize the truth.

Most people can be persuaded by logic about something they don’t care about. Unfortunately, there are a few people who have such a high opinion of their own opinions that they have difficulty changing their minds about anything. For them, logic only works like water on a rock: very slowly. Sometimes logic convinces these people only if they haven’t yet formed an opinion.

The majority of people have at least a few beliefs that will generate religious arguments. Listen to computer experts talking about the best computer or the best programing language and you will hear some of them. At least in this case, there is the possibility of there being an objective truth. When you talk about the quality of a book or movie, you are getting into a realm where there may be no truth.

There are hot button issues, such as homosexuality and abortion where most people have opinions and few can be persuaded by logic. There are personal issues, such as whether a certain lifestyle or relationship is good. Then, of course, one thing that generates a religious argument is, well,  religion.



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