Writing Class

I’m taking a writing class online through All Writers were we submit up to 3750 words of our novel each week to be viewed and edited by others in the class. When I signed up, I hoped the class would be small, because that would mean that more time would be spent on my book, but now I wish the class were larger, giving more input.

Each student is supposed to read the others’ works and submit comments. There are only four students in the class, and two of the others submit comments in very different styles. My only complaint is that  one of them is is not critical enough. She is more willing to say what she likes than what she dislikes. The third person never submits comments, which means he is taking advantage of us. Oh well, that happens. The teacher submits editing comments, which tells me I need to work on my commas, among other things.

I’m enjoying the experience and hope my writing will improve as a result.



One Response to “Writing Class”

  1. Sevvy Says:

    It’s just as important to hear what is working in a story as what isn’t. But yeah, your class size is small, 10-12 is the average size for a workshop.

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