Voter Fraud

My husband worked at the polls during the primary Tuesday. Because there were not enough workers, they eliminated two-man control of the voting books. This meant that anyone could come in, give a name, and the election judge could pretend to look them up, “confirm” who they are with their birthday, and allow them to vote. The judge would have to give the name of a registered voter who had not voted, but if it were done late in the day, the chances are high that the voter would not show up.

I am not suggesting there was voter fraud, but there was definitely the opportunity for voter fraud. Only ten percent of the registered voters voted in the primary in this precinct. For those of you who think the primary doesn’t matter, consider Delaware, where the current viewpoint of pundits is that the Republican primary threw away a secure Republican victory and possibly threw away Republican control of the Senate.

The checks on voting are not just there for show. Making fraud easy is a terrible way to run a democracy. Even though my husband was the man with the book, and there is no way he would allow fraud, he was angry that the rules were changed to make fraud easier.


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