“The math requirement is keeping me from . . . “

Fill in this sentence with getting my AA degree, becoming a nurse, transferring to a four year school, or whatever else the student wants to do but can’t.

To graduate from high school where I live, students must take four years of mathematics. I’ve been told that Algebra II will eventually be required. The state of Maryland requires college students to have one course in mathematics that has a prerequisite of Algebra II. This is not an onerous requirement, considering many students take Algebra I in middle school.  Even if the average student takes Algebra I as a high school freshman, and the below average student takes it as a sophomore, that gives the student at least two years to take Geometry and Algebra II.

College should require something beyond what high school requires. One course beyond high school should be an easy requirement, if they take the course shortly after finishing the high school course. They often wait years, which makes it hard, because they must relearn their algebra and even their arithmetic.


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