Teachers need to read the syllabus too

I’ve repeatedly complained about students not doing the work, but now I’m going to complain about faculty. I have a mildly administrative position, and I look over tests adjunct faculty give for one course. Recently some teachers who teach the course demonstrated that they never read the outline they are given. They either teach too much or too little.

Mathematics is highly cumulative. We cannot expect students to go on in mathematics without the proper foundation. However, it is not a single line that must be followed. There are many choices that can be made. To give an example from grade school, after teaching addition, do you teach subtraction or multiplication? Both are possible.

If every teacher decided what was to be taught, no one would know what to expect the students to understand in the next course. Individual teachers will say a certain subject is important, and they may be right, but if everyone decided what to teach, it would be chaos. We want our students to follow the rules. Is it too much to ask the same thing of teachers?


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