I almost killed someone

Three lanes of traffic turned on the green arrow and I was in the far right lane. It was dark and a pedestrian wearing dark clothes was crossing a six lane highway in the middle of the block. I didn’t see him at first, but I saw the flash of my headlight reflect off his cane, just as my husband called attention to him. There were no squeals of brakes, but I braked pretty sharply. If I hadn’t, I would have hit him and possibly killed him.

He must have seen traffic coming as soon as we turned, but presumably he couldn’t go faster or assumed he would be seen in time. The cane implied he was physically handicapped, but the actions suggests a mental lapse. Would it be too much to wear a light color or reflective clothing?

To the pedestrian I have to say, go ahead, risk your life, but don’t involve others. The next driver might be two seconds slower. The law would probably support him, even if he killed you, but it might not. Even if it did, the guilt would last for years. Please be considerate and don’t get yourself killed that way.



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