A guilt trip I didn’t take

The supermarket has a card that gives discounts, and the man in front of me in the checkout line didn’t have a card. His credit card didn’t scan and the cashier, who was probably new, left the line to see how to enter his credit card. While she was gone, I asked the man in front of me if it was okay for me to put in my supermarket discount card. Upon his approval, I did so, saving him about $7.

When the cashier returned, I told her what I did, and she said she could get fired for it. I asked her if she wanted me to tell them that she had no control over what happened. She said no, she would just get fired and I shouldn’t do anything.

She wanted me to feel guilty, but I don’t. It is deliberately easy for customers to enter their discount cards, and it must sometimes happen without the cashier’s consent. If the cashier is fired, let it be for trying to make customers uncomfortable, not for actions over which she has no control.


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