Why don’t restaurants offer more low carb items on the menu?

I’ve read that 11% of the adults in the US have diabetes. Yet many restaurants don’t make it easy for people to order low carb meals.

My husband has type 2 diabetes, which he controls with diet. It was a long, slow learning process to figure out what he could eat, but to put it simply, anything without carbs. If he eats a steak, broccoli, and a salad, his blood sugar readings are fine. But even a relatively low calorie meal with rice, potatoes, or pasta gives high blood sugar readings. Perhaps his situation is unusual, but I doubt it. Carbs send his readings high, not fat or calories.

Yet he has to get creative when ordering in restaurants, and although there are low calorie meals advertised, there are very few low carb meals mentioned. Restaurants don’t mind substituting an order of vegetables for french fries, but often the choices are few, and sometimes they are badly cooked. I like broccoli, but it seems to be ubiquitous. Perhaps it keeps well or is more forgiving when badly cooked. A little more variety would be nice.

It would be nice if they put a symbol on the menu to indicate low carbs, or had a small section listing low carb dishes. This isn’t asking a lot, because many of the patrons of restaurants could use the information.



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