Shall I tell them I know they’re lying?

I don’t know how often students lie to me, but I always believe them, until I check. So when they tell me stupid lies, I find out. The student who said she did the online homework from chapter 5, had done portions of two of the seven sections. That does not constitute having done the homework from chapter 5. Some of the homework is past the due date, which means she can’t do it at all.

I’m not planning on telling her I know she’s lying to me, but she may sense my disapproval and attribute it to other causes. She’s been rude to me, and she belongs to a minority. Perhaps she wishes to create hostility, because it gives her an excuse for flunking. She can attribute my disapproval to prejudice, either against her as a member of a minority or for some other reason. Then it’s not her fault that she flunks.

Of course, not doing the homework has nothing to do with it.


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