Preying on the elderly

On her 91st birthday, my mother received a call saying she owed money and should pay it immediately. She did not gather enough information to be certain where she incurred the debt since she hung up on the person when he became offensive, but before she did, she told him to mail her the details. In the week since the phone call, there was no explanation in the mail.

I cannot guarantee that my mother does not owe this money, but it is not for her credit card. I checked. Her medical bills, rent, and utilities are paid for by a trust she set up decades ago. My mother’s memory is poor and she might not remember a debt. She knows this, which explains her phone message, saying she would like to pay it promptly.

I think it was a fraudulent attempt to get money from her. She does too, but still is trying to remember if there was some debt she didn’t pay. They didn’t take her money, but they took some of her peace of mind.


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