“Math is my worst subject.”

I overheard a student saying this to the administrative aide of the math department. He wished to be exempt from taking math courses and still get a college degree. Ignoring the issue of why he was explaining it to someone who clearly had no power to grant his wish, why should the wish be granted? Why should a college degree be given to someone who hasn’t fulfilled the requirements?

Languages were my worst subject, but I pushed through German until I passed the required courses. If English were my worst subject, should I be allowed to graduate without an English course? A college degree makes a statement. It says, among other things, that the person received a general education.

There is nothing that stops anyone from showing a transcript of college courses that don’t lead to a degree. Perhaps a person might be hired if he had 120 credits in appropriate subjects, but never passed the required math courses. However, the employer might wonder why his potential employee didn’t obey the rules.


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