“Jobs that help other people the most”

Sadly, the degrees in least demand — and that pay the least — lead to jobs that help other people the most. Counseling, psychology and social work are among these. from the Washington post, 9/18/11

This article is advocating staying in college and states that petroleum engineers make $120,000 and guidance counselors make $40,000. Counseling helps people more than petroleum? If a community had no counselors at all, would it be better off than if it had no gasoline? Please understand that I am not trying to say that social workers, psychologists, and counselors don’t do good. I believe they do, but they do it one person at a time.

A petroleum engineer might ultimately be responsible for bringing energy to millions of people. They wouldn’t receive that kind of salary if they didn’t. I’ll limit myself to part of a paragraph to explain how our lives are enriched by transportation. Just briefly, bananas are cheap and plentiful and grown in another country. I routinely buy things from Amazon and they are shipped from all over the place. Most people are not limited to living within a walking distance of work. It is not unusual for couples to commute in opposite directions. If I don’t like the local grocery store, there’s another one within an easy drive that is happy to have my business. And petroleum is used to create electricity and make plastics as well.

Our society is rich enough to afford petroleum engineers and social workers, and I am happy that the ones that benefit people more are paid more.


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