Required multicultural/diversity training

I work at the Rockville Campus of Montgomery College in Maryland. My information is somewhat out of date, but in the past I was told that we had students from 160 countries and about a third of the students on the Rockville Campus were not U.S. citizens.

It’s not just the students. Today, I interacted with colleagues from India, Cuba, Ethiopia, and Taiwan. I love the diversity of the campus. Nguyen is a more common a last name than Smith, and many languages are heard in the hallways. But apparently someone is showing insensitivity, because all full-time faculty members are required to have multicultural/diversity training.

We are going to have to do this every year. How many hours are being devoted to this? I assume a relatively large percent of the faculty (at least 5%) are behaving inappropriately in their interaction with people from other cultures. I would hate to think everyone would get training if they did not need it. I would rather sit down and chat with one of my colleagues from another country than attend training.


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