The Social Dance Around Politics

There is no one in my life who agrees with me completely about all issues. Or at least I assume there is no one, since I don’t compare opinions with most people. I just returned from the gym and had conversations with two people. We don’t talk about anything controversial. The only thing I know that I agree with them about is that exercise is good.

Politics comes up with some people, but most people skate around the issues. There is a dance where one person makes hesitating steps to move toward a topic and the other person either follows or leads in another direction, depending upon whether they wish to go that way or avoid the topic. There is one person in my life who won’t follow the lead away from a topic, and that makes for social difficulties, since we often disagree. Most people are surprisingly adept at the dance. I’ve known people for decades and spent many hours socializing with them, but have no idea of their opinions on many topics.

In the long run, most of the time it doesn’t matter. I don’t expect to agree with everyone.


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