I received an email today from a student who wanted to get into one of my classes. This is after he missed 11% of the classes because he is registering late. If this were the only case, I would assume it was an anomaly, but it isn’t. I’ve accepted more students who’ve registered late than ever before.

One student who missed the first week, doesn’t have his book yet and hasn’t signed up for the online homework. He expects to get his book this Friday. The online homework for the first two weeks, which is due Friday, will take several hours. Somehow, I don’t think he’s going to do well in the course. He started out a week behind and has made no real effort to catch up.

I let students in who missed the first week, but if it was anything more than that, I refused. They seem to think that my permission should be automatic. If I have a space in my class, they are entitled to have it. Never mind that I don’t want a student who is so irresponsible that he can’t register on time.

My approach is to give the students a reasonable grace period to register and whatever grade they earn. The solution for the student is very simple: register on time.


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