Credit where credit is not due

Ours school sent a team of four students to a math competition and won. Two of the four students were my students, one this semester and one last semester. I did not deserve credit for their victory. I didn’t coach them, and the topics I taught them were not the topics covered in the competition.

The coach of the team asked me about listing the names of their teachers. I said to him what I said in the above paragraph: I don’t deserve credit. He sent the names out without the teachers’ names, as was appropriate.

Irrationally, I had a brief wish that my name had been included, giving me credit where I didn’t deserve it. Instead, I have the dubious pleasure of getting a mild amount of credit from the coach of the team for my rational reaction. Apparently, from my initial  reaction, I don’t even deserve that credit. Well, I did the right thing, even if I briefly wished I hadn’t.


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