What I won’t say to my students

1. To the student who wanted to take the final exam a second time because due to the stress of taking the final, he didn’t do as well as he should have: You’ve got to be kidding.

2. To the student who showed up ninety minutes late for the final exam, saying he was confused about the time it started: You didn’t read the time in the syllabus, on the college website, or on the attendance sheet for the last six classes? And you expect me to accommodate you for your lack of responsibility?

3. To the student said he has to pass this course: You must have just found out, because you’ve been acting like you don’t really care. If you have to pass a course, please do the homework and don’t skip class.

4. To the student who said that the math requirement was keeping him from graduating: Do you think this fact is going to encourage me to give you a passing grade that you haven’t earned? or Why haven’t you been taking the course seriously? 

5. To the students who said, you’re a great teacher: Tell me that after the semester, not now. I won’t believe you when you think your grade depends on whether I like you, rather than what you write on your papers.

6. To the student who lied to me in a situation where he knows I probably know it is a lie: The only thing you’ve accomplished by your lie is to eliminate all credibility for future interactions.

7. To the student who is taking a developmental class and wants to be an engineer: What you are trying to do is not impossible, but your chances are slim. You will compete with people who started high school where you started college. Perhaps you should be more realistic with your career planning.

8. To the student who said, math is my best subject: Then why are you taking a developmental math class in college? If math is your best subject, are your really college material?

9. To the student who says he hates math: So? 


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